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  • Bernardo Vicente

    Bernardo Vicente

    Infinite Frontiers

  • Edward John

    Edward John

    If you subscribe to me, I guarantee your life will improve 100%. If it doesn’t, you have my permission to smear yoghurt on my face.

  • David Price

    David Price

    I occasionally write fiction and also about creativity, loving, language learning and psycho/spirituality. I’m a longtime painter and reader.

  • MacKenzie Scott

    MacKenzie Scott

    Mom, writer, advocate.

  • David Gerken

    David Gerken

    Meditation and Mindfulness teacher. Dad of three precious kids. Former writer for THE WEST WING. Follow me at

  • James C. Jones

    James C. Jones

    Co-Host of the Beyond The Block podcast, Voice Actor, Seminarian, Blerd, Mormon, Troublemaker

  • Frank T Bird

    Frank T Bird

    Former British citizen sent to Australia for crimes I didn’t commit. As yet unenlightened. Enquiries: No spam you fuckers.

  • Becky Piatt Davidson

    Becky Piatt Davidson

    Native Californian by way of Barcelona & Utah. Mother to 4 beautiful humans. Saved by meditation. Founder of, a hero’s journey meditation practice.

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