An Open Letter to Charles Eisenstein About Covid and Vaccines

1. Put the vaccine side effects in context.

In your latest essay, you give several links to personal stories from people who’ve had the vaccine and experienced negative effects afterward.

  • You’re 8–10 times more likely to get blood clots in the brain from Covid-19 than from the vaccine, according to an Oxford study of 500,000+ people
  • Unvaccinated people are 20 times more likely to die from Covid (a rather negative side effect!) than vaccinated people, according to Texas Health Services
  • You’re 5.5 times more likely to contract Covid if you’ve had it once before than if you’re fully vaccinated, according to a study of nine states

2. Put natural solutions in their proper context.

Time and again you imply that the true solutions to Covid-19 are natural.

What if I’m wrong?

To return to the beginning of this essay: I could be wrong about all of this. Nothing has humbled me like trying to make sense of the world during this pandemic. I find the whole topic endlessly confusing and disorienting.



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