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A Response to Latter-day Saint Trump Apologists

Two weeks ago, I wrote a letter to LDS Trump supporters that got far more attention than I expected. The response was almost uniformly positive, but I also received several messages I feel are worth addressing.

Claim: “Trump was charged $25 million for a fraudulent university business.” Response: “He sure has a brash personality!”

Claim: “Trump dropped a record number of bombs on Afghanistan.” Response: “That’s just a different way of communicating!”

Claim:26 women have accused Trump of sexual misconduct, including one who’s suing him in court right now for rape.” Response: “Yeah, he was raised in New York, not Provo!”

It sounds ridiculous because it is ridiculous. Raping women, cheating contractors, pathological lying, and defrauding people — all things Trump has gone to court for — aren’t “a way of communicating” or a “personality type.”

“The flag should never have placed upon it … drawing of any nature” and “the flag should never be used as wearing apparel.” — US flag code

“When somebody is the president of the United States, the authority is total, and that’s the way it’s going to be.” —Donald Trump

And yet Mike Lee, a professed Constitution lover, spends his time comparing Trump to Captain Moroni and embracing the party that threatened to hold the number of justices to eight if Clinton had won.

  1. Only one candidate was employed by NBC for more than a decade.
  2. Only one candidate caused the CEO of CBS to say of their rise, “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”
  3. Only one candidate was employed by Jeff Zucker, who is now CEO at CNN and who hired Trump at NBC. Zucker was in close contact with Michael Cohen during the 2016 debates, telling Cohen, “I have all these proposals for [Trump], like I want to do a weekly show with him and all this stuff… I’m going to wish him luck in the debate tonight.” Zucker added, “As fond as I am of the boss [Zucker’s name from Trump], he also has a tendency, like, you know, if I call him or I email him, he then is capable of going out at his next rally and saying that we just talked and I can’t have that.”

“I have all these proposals for him, like I want to do a weekly show with him and all this stuff.”—Jeff Zucker, CEO at CNN, talking about partnering with Trump in 2016

As far as social media companies go, they do at times make terribly boneheaded partisan decisions, as Twitter did when it completely shut down the Hunter Biden email story. But they’re objectively not “out to get conservatives” as many Trump apologists like to say. To the contrary, conservative sources overwhelmingly dominate Facebook, as has been thoroughly documented (here, here, here, here, and here) by the American Enterprise Institute, a right-leaning think tank.

Manufacturing has not returned to 1990s levels. Source: FRED
Coal mining jobs have tanked. Source: FRED
  • Why were so many millions in untraceable money funneled into making sure she got the seat, if not in the hope that those who anonymously invested would get a bigger monetary return?
  • Why has big business won again and again in recent Supreme Court cases, and how will Barrett vote on that front?

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